Sunday, April 6, 2008

wss - ww - sunday edition - 04/06


napaboaniya said...

Indrani :-)
Beautiful shot of the flower. Nice and clear closeup on it :)
Have a good week ahead!!

Simone said...

For some odd reason I a cannot see the photo - will come again.

In the meanwhile you can look at my flowers:
Simone’s Butterfly: Spring Photos

KOSTAS said...

Very good blog, with marvellously posts, and splendid photographs!

Anna said...

What a beautiful shot, thanks for sharing, and Happy WW..
Mine is up:
Let's Laugh Together
My Digital Snapshot

KathyUSA said...

Wow! What beautiful colors! I love that color.

KathyUSA said...

Wow! What a beautiful flower! I love the color.

shubd07 said...

What a beautiful color Indrani ..lovely close up of the flower !