Monday, April 7, 2008

Painted glass and mirrors

PhotoHunt theme-Glass
This week's Photo Hunt theme is glass. I went through some of my albums and came across this picture. It was shot in a temple at Aurangabad. You can read about it here.
Wordless Wednesday - Monday edition.


napaboaniya said...

Is that Hindi scripts on the glass. Nice shot of it.

p/s: Nope that's not me in my ww(mon). Just a street-shot :)


Nice. The angle is interesting because it affects the lights reflecting from the panel

Indrani said...

@napaboaniya- it is hindi script, u r right.

@raji- thanks, it was at the sleeping hanuman temple at Aurangabad.

Mar said...

Beautiful and interesting shot!!!

Simone said...

Interesting. Happy WW.

shubd07 said...

Hey I didnt visit that when I was in Aurangabad ! Now something for me to bear in mind for the next trip :)

Lovely Pic Indrani.

Jules said...

That is very lovely. Thank you for sharing the story. It is always nice to learn about other cultures. :)

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